Posted on 04 May 2021

The Data Challenge for Private Debt


Greg Myers, Global Segment Head - Debt Capital Markets, recently spoke with PDI about how investment in new tech solutions is required to prepare for future growth.


In this exclusive interview, Greg discusses the new opportunities and challenges for credit managers as the industry emerges from the pandemic.  Next to exploring the impact of government stimulus packages on markets, he looks at the accelerated rate that technology has developed to meet the unique challenges brought upon by Covid-19. He concludes that credit managers must align themselves with innovative technology solutions to meet the growing demands of LPs.


“A lot of this is about us becoming not only a service provider but a technology provider. The amount of information that we provide through our various service portals continues to evolve, while the ability to provide real-time data to our clients on their loans, cash positions, trades or deals on which they are agents is increasingly critical,” Greg explains.


Capture all insights by downloading the PDF below or reading the article on the PDI site here (subscription required).