Posted on 08 September 2022

The Trillion Dollar Club


In Global Custodian’s annual Fund Services issue, Doug Hart, CEO of Alter Domus, and Gus Harris, Head of AD Data & Analytics, discuss how Alter Domus has navigated the booming market for fund administration to join a small, exclusive group of providers that each oversee more than $1 trillion in assets.

The market for fund administration has experienced dramatic growth in the past decade, producing a new landscape of providers, fund structures, and services. Large, traditional banks that have historically dominated the market for fund administration are increasingly losing their market share to specialized, independent providers that offer greater flexibility and agility than their banking counterparts.

Among these market factors, Doug and Gus explain how Alter Domus has utilized its deep understanding of alternative asset classes and investments to enhance its technology to produce solutions tailored to the evolving needs of today’s managers. They examine how these solutions have allowed Alter Domus to join the ranks of leading fund administration providers while exploring what the future holds for the industry.

Private market managers really view Alter Domus as having the right kind of expertise, which is very narrow but very deep – as this is all we really do. Our technology offering is strong and our people offering is even stronger and put the two together very well,” says Doug Hart when highlighting the difference between solutions offered by Alter Domus and traditional banks.

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