Posted on 29 July 2020

Tim Toska Appointed Global Head of Private Equity: An Exclusive Interview


“Through the latest technology and best talent, we’ve built a private equity team that delivers a full spectrum of services throughout a fund’s lifecycle,” says Tim Toska, the new Global Head of Private Equity for Alter Domus.


A seasoned private equity practitioner, Tim’s in-depth understanding of the private equity industry coupled with his operational expertise make him an excellent fit to lead the way forward in the private equity space in his new role as Global Head of Private Equity.


Tim is a Certified Public Accountant, graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and from New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business with a Master of Business Administration, specializing in Finance, Financial Instruments and Markets.


What goals are you setting yourself in your new position?

I started my career in public accounting at KPMG before making the transition to private equity as a Fund Controller, and eventually as a Fund Administrator. In my previous role as Co-Head of Private Equity Fund Administration, North America, I worked closely with many talented CFOs. Because of how closely we work with clients and the very strong personal and professional relationships we’ve built with these highly qualified CFOs, I’ve been fortunate to benefit greatly from those experiences. Through these relationships, I’ve gained an immense amount of knowledge about their unique needs and how best to support them, and I know how critical it is that we continue building these valuable, long-term relationships.


At Alter Domus, we work directly with clients to find streamlined solutions and process innovations to address onerous regulatory and reporting requirements, as well as the in-depth analysis and data transparency required by their investors. Our private equity specialists understand the unique requirements of each fund and the challenges that complex fund structures can present. To further enhance our capabilities, I’m focused on tapping into our global operating model and expertise of all 1,000 private equity professionals at Alter Domus. By fostering even greater collaboration between our offices, I’m confident in our ability to scale up alongside clients and continue adding real value to their operations.


In the post-Covid world, the need for cutting edge technology will be pushed further into the spotlight not only to drive the aforementioned streamlined solutions and process innovation, but to ensure business continuity and encourage collaboration amongst our teams while social distancing measures are being practiced. Going forward, we’ll continue combining the latest technology and best talent to deliver a full spectrum of services throughout a fund’s lifecycle. I’m confident in our ability to deliver the support necessary for clients to seize rapidly emerging opportunities. By remaining dynamic and ahead of the curve, we’ll ensure that our clients will meet the needs of their investors.


“I’m confident in our ability to deliver the support necessary for clients to seize rapidly emerging opportunities.”


How have your clients’ needs evolved post-Covid-19?

As could be expected, investor requests have increased significantly, and our clients have had to ensure that these requests are responded to in a timely fashion. Requests around portfolio company valuations and cash flow projections have been the most common. We’re focused on exceeding expectations and ensuring our clients and their investors are equipped with the in-depth, real-time data and analysis they require, especially in times of uncertainty. That would be an impossible goal without the proper technology to assist our teams. 


Beyond investor requests and reporting, we have also seen some of our clients raise funds in new investment strategies due to anticipated opportunities. As we saw after the global financial crisis, there will be an increase in distressed funds and private debt/credit opportunity funds and eventually, secondary transactions.   


We expect to see more of this going forward, at which time our clients will require greater support to tackle these shifts in investment strategy and the nuances that come along with them. I’m proud to say that our Private Equity Team is dedicated to supporting our private equity clients as they adapt to this evolving marketplace. I’m certain that our team’s agility and Alter Domus’ scalability—with 2,500 employees across 40 offices and desks across all segments—are of huge advantage to our clients looking to swiftly react to changes in the market.


By working as an extension of our clients’ back- and middle-offices, our private equity clients are able to spend more time focused on their strategic investment goals and fund performance.