Posted on 13 December 2022

Why Tech Specialists Must Adapt to the “Solution Revolution”


Speaking with RO ScienceDanilo McGarry explores how the abundance of technological solutions is pressuring data scientists and AI engineers to learn new skills to remain competitive.   

Businesses are growing less dependent on data scientists and AI engineers' unique skills as tech solutions continue to empower less specialized tech players. Danilo discusses how this solutions shift is causing a rapid reduction in in-house resources, leaving tech specialists under pressure to develop new skills to adapt to the changing technology landscape. While exploring automation and digital transformation best practices for businesses, he underlines that data scientists and AI engineers should shift from relying on their developer expertise to learning new data access and analytical skills.

Let’s be clear: we aren’t going to see robots replace experts any time soon, but to successfully play in the landscape of the future, individuals and firms must amend their priorities,” states Danilo. 

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