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Discover the latest trends in alternatives through our insightful industry research reports.

Industry Survey – July 2020

Covid-19: A New Landscape Emerges


Around the world economies, governments and institutions are just beginning to absorb the initial shocks of the Covid-19 crisis. The speed and impact of its arrival has tested the operational resilience and organisational structures of all companies, from SMEs to multinationals. Our survey aims to paint a picture of the landscape now–what worked, and what could have worked better?


Our survey respondents show that remote working has not led to a productivity drop; IT infrastructures have largely held up under unprecedented pressure; more flexible working hours and team rotations are manageable. Are we perhaps seeing the ‘new normal’ for tomorrow’s workforce already taking shape today?


Our survey also shows that within the asset management sector, investment plans may be threated but there is still confidence out there. Those best placed to capture forthcoming opportunities are those best able to scale resources and expertise where needed.



Download the Covid-19 Survey

Industry Survey – April 2020

Technology in the Alternative Space: Striking the Balance Between Transformation and Disruption


Through various discussions, it's emerged that new disruptive and transformative technologies for the alternative investment industry are top-of-mind for our clients. Earlier this year, we conducted a market survey to better understand this trend. Speaking to some of the largest and most innovative global players in private equity, real estate, and private debt, we dug into their motivations and roadblocks to build a better understanding of the situation at hand.


While we release this report, we remain acutely aware of the current uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 crisis and the toll this has placed on IT teams and their needs. We encourage you to read this report and let us know how the current situation may have impacted your overall thinking on technology and whether it has pushed you more towards transformative or disruptive tools.



Download the Technology Report

Research Report – January 2020

Partners for a New Era in Private Markets


As investors increase their allocations to private markets, managing complex data has become crucial for alternative asset managers in the United States. Our Research Report: Partners for a New Era in Private Markets addresses their common pain points and the outcomes they seek by partnering with service providers, which include:

  • Improved workflow
  • Solving accounting discrepancies between funds and SPVs
  • Providing investment models and analytics
  • Providing market insights


Download the US Outsourcing Report

Research Report – October 2019

Asia Pacific's Booming Private Markets Look to Asset Servicers


As APAC’s private markets asset managers expand, service providers have a key role to play by providing centralised, scalable, multi-asset platforms. Our Research Report: Asia Pacific's Booming Private Markets Look to Asset Servicers addresses their shifting attitudes towards outsourcing across asset classes, and their top criteria when selecting a service provider, which include:

  • Service level quality
  • Asset class expertise
  • Cost management
  • Flexible and scalable platform
  • Ability to focus on core business
  • Technology



Download the APAC Outsourcing Report

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