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Sensus is Alter Domus’ quarterly full-length magazine dedicated to all things alternative. Through analyses, interviews and industry insights, Sensus explores the hottest topics in alternatives and covers the latest happenings in private equity, real estate, and private debt. Catch up on our recent issues below.




Issue #1

Publication date: September 2019



In this first issue, we shine a spotlight on the structuring of alternative investment funds while also examining niche areas such as Opportunity Zone Funds in the US and the rise of renminbi-denominated funds in China.


Issue #2

Publication date: February 2020



In this edition, we shed light on our research findings on alternative asset managers’ appetite for outsourcing in the US and Asia Pacific. We explore ESG trends in private equity and the continuing allure of private debt in both the US and across Europe. We also review the succession crisis in Japan and its impact on M&A activity.




Issue #3

Publication date: June 2020



This edition of Sensus reflects the professional world which we now inhabit. We examine how companies are moving to ‘business as usual’ mode, while reflecting on areas such as the struggles of distressed loans and the unique pressures Covid-19 is putting on year-end reporting.




Issue #4

Publication date: September 2020



In this issue of Sensus we examine how different sectors and asset classes are beginning to see the shape of their future as the pandemic mist clears. While private debt eyes new opportunities, and credit managers raise funds in anticipation of special situations, real estate faces a radical shake up.



Issue #5

Publication date: January 2021



In our fifth issue, we explore how the alternatives industry is evolving post-2020 by taking a look at the crucial role of technology, the consequences of landing on the EU blacklist, the merits of Irelands’ Investment Limited Partnership structure, and more.




Issue #6

Publication date: April 2021



From the role of clean energy and infrastructure in a renewable future, to the growing popularity of SPACs and how they weight up to IPOs, this issue highlights the latest market trends and features commentary from leaders across the alternatives sphere.


Issue #7

Publication date: July 2021



In this issue, we examine the investment opportunities in the ASEAN region, the role of Europe’s EIC Fund in a sustainable world and look back on how the technological developments accelerated by the pandemic have fared nearly 18 months on.




Issue #8

Publication date: October 2021



This edition of Sensus explores how sustainable and future-proof strategies once deemed visionary are now widespread among alternative asset classes. Through expert commentary, we examine areas such as ESG, green finance, renewable energy and new mobility opportunities.

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