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Why the United States?

The United States is known globally as a robust business location and consistently places at the top of world rankings for its overall competitiveness and ease of doing business. With the world’s largest economy and consumer market, those doing business in the US benefit from access to the country’s vast consumer base of 325 million consumers.

As home to one quarter of the world’s top 500 companies, the US economy represents 25% of all global economic activity. The majority of the world’s alternative investment managers have chosen to conduct business here, and of those, 30-40% outsource their fund administration and free up time to expand and accumulate assets.

The United States has a long-term track record of economic growth, giving investors and companies a great deal of confidence in establishing themselves there. Thanks to the “Statement on International Investment Policy” of 1983, foreign investors receive non-discriminatory treatment and an even playing field for competition.

Consistently ranked among the best internationally for its ease of doing business, the US’s stable democracy and transparent legal system have fostered a highly competitive and prosperous market. In fact, the US is host to the world’s most developed, liquid, flexible, and efficient financial market in the world. And with the World Bank declaring the US as the country with the most rapid export procedures, there are a variety of opportunities to take advantage of both within and beyond its domestic borders.


Alter Domus United States

Alter Domus established its presence in the United States back in 2007. With more than 50% of our global clients coming from the US, we recognized the need to expand our geographic footprint in the country. As such, our recent acquisitions of Cortland and Carta Fund Services represented an important step in our journey to further solidify our presence and expand our offering in the US market. Alter Domus US is now comprised of seven distinct offices located across the country.

In the US, we have over 500 professional employees serving more than 290 unique investment management clients. Our teams assist clients with tapping into the vast DCM, RE and PE capabilities the US market has to offer and help foster their aspirations for international expansion.

We work diligently to ensure clients ultimately benefit from working with a partner who knows and understands the intricacies of their business. We offer issuers and investors in credit and real estate assets a comprehensive suite of asset and portfolio solutions including fund administration, agency services, securitization services, and CLO collateral administration. Many private equity and fund-of-fund managers rely on Alter Domus for highly focused accounting, operations, and systems administration to support their day-to-day business.

By leveraging our deep levels of in-house knowledge and offices in key financial areas, Alter Domus is able to support the needs of any US manager.

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