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Why Hong Kong?

For those seeking business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region, Hong Kong is considered a strategic stepping stone. This is particularly true for international investors looking to develop corporate relationships throughout the region. Known as the ‘gateway to China,’ Hong Kong has grown into a truly international hub for cross-border transactions and the establishment of offshore accounts. As a unique administrative region of China, Hong Kong is also seen as a key jumping-off point for Mainland Chinese investors looking to do business internationally.

Hong Kong offers investors and business leaders a great deal of confidence as, with the city being ranked number one in the Index of Economic Freedom for 24 consecutive years. It became an economic powerhouse through a combination of minimal government intervention, low taxation, and free trade principles.

The city’s pro-business government works steadily to solidify its standing as one of the world’s major economic forces. Hong Kong’s independent common law system allows it to maintain a high degree of autonomy from Mainland China, while still holding favorable double tax agreements and partnerships through the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (“CEPA”).

Due to its level of independence, Hong Kong’s own currency, the Hong Kong dollar, is pegged to and backed by the US dollar. There are no currency exchange controls and no restrictions. As such, Hong Kong has grown to become a major financial center and home to 70 of the world’s top 100 banks.


Alter Domus Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong office was Alter Domus’ first established location in Asia. When we opened in 2009, we worked diligently to ensure we had the top-tier talent required to service our international clients in the city. Our team now consists of over 60 talented individuals, each with unique focuses on the various alternative asset classes.

By dividing our teams by asset class, we ensure you to benefit from building a relationship with a team who understands your specific business. They’re able to service each and every entity within your structure in ways that are innate to your specific industry. We’re pleased to assist our diverse set of clients with establishing themselves in Hong Kong, as well as leveraging Hong Kong’s capabilities to foster international trade.


Alter Domus Hong Kong Limited
Unit 2803-06, The Centrium,
60 Wyndham Street, Central
Hong Kong



T +852 3579 5858
F +852 3578 5790



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