Belgium Office

Why Belgium?

Home to the de facto capital of the European Union and the headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Belgium represents the centralized core of European politics, business, and law. Its central location and advantageous investment incentives combine to create a business-friendly environment. From grants and subsidies to tax breaks and access to double tax treaties, this European nation has established a wide array of favorable policies for both domestic and foreign investors.

Belgium’s unique central European location makes it the harbor of major multinational subsidiaries. As a member of prominent international trade organizations and bearer of over 90 double tax treaties, Belgium presents a unique opportunity. Many foreign investing companies have established their headquarters in Brussels due to its combination of geographic centrality, fiscally efficient taxation, and prosperous real estate market.


Alter Domus Belgium

We opened our office in 2010 as a means to assist our clients with the complexities surrounding corporate structures.

We’ve grown into a one-stop-shop of sorts, offering our clients assistance in setting up companies, structuring financial plans, as well as providing accountancy, tax and legal assistance. Our close connections with our partners such as payroll companies, notaries, banks, and dedicated legal advisors also help to bring our services full circle for our clients.

Our local team takes a boutique approach to client work, while being noted for their flexibility and pragmatism. Clients tell us that their established personal relationships and fast, direct responses from the team are things they value most about our partnership. Our attentive approach to client engagement ensures we always operate as a team, while working in partnership with our clients to solve all of their unique and individual needs.




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