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Why Cyprus?

Cyprus’ government has repeatedly demonstrated its commitment to maintaining leadership in industry developments and providing access to other high growth markets around the world. As both a member of the European Union and a gateway to markets in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Cyprus presents investors and managers with the best of both worlds. With English as the official business language, a Common Law system, and highly qualified and professional work force, Cyprus is a competitive destination for regional headquarters as well as an attractive location for fund managers.

Cyprus’ bustling maritime industry is one of its shining achievements. Through steady development, it has grown to become Europe’s leading ship management center, hosting the third largest merchant fleet in all of Europe, and tenth largest in the world. Achieving this feat wasn’t chance or luck; the advantageous regulatory environment in Cyprus facilitated the industry’s growth. The Cypriot government has ensured a liberal Foreign Direct Investment Regime allowing up to 100% foreign participation in most economic sectors. Its bilateral agreements of cooperation in merchant shipping with 23 countries and 60 double tax treaties are shining examples of the government’s commitment to growth.

In July 2018, the Cyprus House of Representatives passed the highly anticipated amendments to the Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) legislation, providing the option to set up Registered Alternative Investment Funds (RAIFs). When that happened, Alter Domus Cyprus was poised and ready to help its clients take full advantage of the opportunity by leveraging its vast AIF expertise including, but not limited to, shipping, debt, real estate and private equity. And as the years go on, Alter Domus vows to continue evolving to its clients’ needs, wherever they are.


Alter Domus Cyprus

We opened our Cyprus office the same year that the country adopted the Euro and four years after entering the European Union as a response to our clients’ foreseen opportunities in the country.

Alter Domus Cyprus is the only global fund administrator in Cyprus with a locally-based team providing fund administration services with an ISAE 3402 SOC 1 Type 1 certification and using a specialized software for funds. Not only are we part of a global organization with deep expertise enabling fast and exceptional service, but we also pride ourselves on taking a local, tailored approach to all of our client relationships.


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