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Why France?

While France is best known for its world renowned cuisine and designation as the world’s leading tourist destination, its reputation does not end there. For business people, France represents something more— a wealth of opportunity.

France’s bustling economy and government’s efforts to create optimal business conditions have resulted in a unique professional landscape. These efforts have led to France boasting the world’s fifth largest economy and Europe’s second, just behind Germany. In fact, the country is such a desirable location to conduct business that there are currently more than 23,000 businesses established there, and for good reason; the cost to start up a company in France is minimal and can be done in as little as a few days. It’s no surprise then that Paris has become a leading European location for multinational firms and is home to the second largest private equity industry in the world.

Investors enjoy the benefits of doing business in France, but in addition, they also enjoy the ability France affords them to trade across borders. In 2017, a World Bank report even named France as the world’s strongest performer in trading across borders. In 2009, France was the third-leading recipient of foreign direct investment, meaning that capital can easily flow into and out of France to the ultimate benefit of investors and their companies. With an increasing number of vehicles being launched annually and investments in private equity and real estate continuously rising, investors continue to take advantage of the unique capabilities offered in France.


Alter Domus France

We opened our office in Paris in 2013 and have since established ourselves as the only true fund administrator in France. Because asset managers are often uneasy partnering with banks who fail to understand their businesses, they come to us because we have a deep understanding of their specific needs. From private equity and real estate to debt and capital markets, our teams are divided by asset class. This means our clients work together with professionals who understand the nuances of their specific business.

We are the only fund administrator in France with an international network, which helps us strengthen our client relationships and do business with them around the world. When our clients in France decide to explore new opportunities in other countries, we’re able to assist them wherever they go. And as we have continuously proven, we will work to ensure they can focus on their core business while leaving the rest to us.


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