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Why Germany?

Germany not only has the largest population out of all European countries but also boasts Europe’s largest economy. With more than 45,000 foreign companies conducting business there and providing a quarter of all jobs in the market, Germany has also become one of the world’s largest exporters.

The country is considered a secure safe haven, particularly for investments in real estate. These types of investments are steadily growing due to the extremely low interest environment, accompanied by Germany’s stable investment climate and legal reliability. Combined, this has caused a growing number of foreign companies to establish themselves in Germany and tap into its huge consumer market. It also expands the potential for business throughout Europe.

As part of the DACH Region, Germany is currently on the top of international rankings for private equity houses and real estate firms. Its growing base of general partners and investment managers see great value in doing business in Europe’s most innovative country, where the majority of European patents are held.

Germany’s innovative and stable market create a foundation that has attracted foreign direct investments from around the globe, particularly from those looking to establish sales opportunities in this prosperous country.


Alter Domus Germany

At Alter Domus Germany, we work with companies small and large to set up and help manage their entities through day-to-day operations. Since 2014, our German office has been dedicated to private equity and real estate structures. Our team of PropCo, tax specialists, and accounting specialists have the critical, on-the-ground knowledge necessary to provide services through the entire lifecycle of your entity from formation to liquidation. We also offer directorship mandates performed by real estate specialists. Regardless of what your future plans may be, our local team in Germany will help you bring your ideas to fruition.

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