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Alter Domus – Assisting Italian Investors

Italy’s economy is spread over various industries, including precision machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electric goods, fashion and tourism. This widely varied economy results in the business community requiring support services to accommodate cross-border structures. The fact that Italy enjoys a number of companies being owned by private individuals and families results in additional investment and financial opportunities.

Dedicated Italian Desk

Alter Domus has formed an Italian Desk with fully skilled and experienced Italian-speaking professionals who understand the Italian market as well as fiscal and regulatory implications in Italy. These professionals are able to assist the Italian business community and investors in implementing both regulated and unregulated structures in various locations across the four continents where Alter Domus is present.

We are very proud to say that we serve many of Italy’s most prominent players.

Benefits for You

You will have one dedicated contact person who will be an Italian speaker and has expert knowledge as well as a thorough understanding of the challenges international or Italian investors face when establishing their structures. After discussing your individual needs, our Italian team will liaise with specialist departments across the Alter Domus network to identify the best solutions for you based on your specifications or objectives, ensuring a seamless service process from start to finish.

Alter Domus offers you a full package of corporate and fund services in the 19 jurisdictions in which we are present, from outsourced fund administration to the management of local holding companies, including formation and liquidation, corporate secretarial services, daily administration and management, accounting and tax compliance. We also can arrange for provision of independent directors for the companies we administer.

Chris Casapinta - Italy
T +356 22 05 1000

Alter Domus has set up 11 Desks to address the specific needs of clients based in certain strategic key countries, where there is no local office.

These desks are led by our experts who have a specific understanding, technical knowledge, cultural background and professional network in those important markets.

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