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Israel has a very dynamic economy. With a wide range of specific sectors such as science and technology, high-tech, e-commerce, and the diamond industry, Israel has positioned itself as a very profitable business opportunity with high investment returns. In addition, the law on tax benefits for returning citizens and new immigrants provides them with financial opportunities.

Dedicated Israeli Desk

Luxembourg is of particular interest for Israeli companies active in e-commerce, especially for companies supplying e-services, telecommunications and broadcasting services to private individuals. Indeed, Luxembourg has developed high technical and technological infrastructures and business-efficient data protection centres.

In order to respond to this continuously growing client base, Alter Domus has formed a dedicated team in Luxembourg to address all the needs of Israeli clients.

Alter Domus is ideally situated to establish with e-commerce groups the key steps to set up their European centre as well as their SPVs in Luxembourg. We can also assist the same groups on Intellectual Property (IP) specifics in Luxembourg. The coexistence of the IP regime and the Luxembourg participation exemption allows Alter Domus to offer complete solutions, related to the shareholding of participations as well as IP rights.

Benefits for You

Alter Domus’ Israeli Desk assists Israeli entrepreneurs or large companies in various sectors of activity, such as real estate and private equity, or the diamond or solar industry, to set up and structure their business through Luxembourg or any other relevant jurisdictions in which we operate.

Alter Domus offers you a full package of corporate and fund services in the 19 jurisdictions in which we are present, from outsourced fund administration to the management of local holding companies, including formation and liquidation, corporate secretarial services, daily administration and management, accounting and tax compliance. We also can arrange for provision of independent directors for the companies we administer.

Evdokia Stavraki-Stephanou
T +357  22 46 51 51

Alter Domus has set up 11 Desks to address the specific needs of clients based in certain strategic key countries, where there is no local office.

These desks are led by our experts who have a specific understanding, technical knowledge, cultural background and professional network in those important markets.

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