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Developments in Economic Crime Legislation

On November 5, Alter Domus’ Janice Drum, Head of Compliance EMEA, spoke at the 15th Annual Compliance & Economic Crime Symposium. During her panel, “Unexplained Wealth Orders – Developments in Economic Crime Legislation,” Janice and her fellow panelists described and discussed the ongoing prevalence of economic crime around the world and the role that effective regulations, compliance systems, and strong leadership can play in eradicating it.

Malta’s Consolidated Group (Income Tax) Rules

Earlier this year, Malta introduced fiscal unity rules that enable related Maltese and foreign companies to form part of a tax group for Maltese income tax purposes.

Impact of the Cayman Islands Economic Substance Law

The Cayman Islands have been a popular jurisdiction for decades. However, the introduction of the International Tax Co-operation (Economic Substance) Law in December 2018 brought with it increased requirements for operational substance – reflecting a significant change to Cayman’s historically loose substance requirements.

Facing up to the Demands of Multi-Jurisdictional Private Debt Funds

Investors in private debt funds are enjoying continued strong returns, not only in the United States, but around the world.

The Pressing Need for Meaningful Solutions in the UHNW Investor Space

For as long as ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) investors have existed, they have struggled to find comprehensive solutions to meet GAAP accounting standards and report on their investments.

Singapore's Growing Alternatives Market

Although Singapore has always been well regarded as a regional financial hub, the local government has taken on a number of initiatives in recent years to solidify its position as the go-to financial hub for asset managers in Asia.

Could Outsourcing the Middle Office Provide a Competitive Advantage?

Compete harder, grow faster. These are just two of the benefits investment firms gain from outsourcing their middle-office functions, says Director Juliana Ritchie. However, she understands why some are wary of taking this important step.

Key Insights and Takeaways from Invest Europe's CFO Forum

In case you missed the latest edition of Invest Europe’s CFO Forum, Patrick McCullagh, Head of Sales EMEA at Alter Domus and moderator of the “Getting Ahead of the Latest Hurdles” roundtable happily shares four of his key takeaways.

Opportunity Zones: Time is Running Out to Establish Maximum-Benefit Funds

Investors have always looked for ways to reinvest or defer capital gains, and fund managers who establish Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) will be able to offer them an unprecedented means to reduce, defer, and exempt capital gains liabilities.

Opening Up to Open-Ended Funds

Many asset managers have made the shift from traditionally closed-ended strategies to establishing open-ended funds. Alter Domus' Greg Myers explains.

How Fine is the Line between Cost and Quality?

With a possible economic downturn looming, credit fund managers are challenged to find the balance between cost and quality in their middle and back offices.

Middle Office Services: An Added-Value Approach to Outsourcing

As Maltese regulated companies turn to third-parties for back- and middle-office support such as risk management and compliance, choosing the right partner becomes increasingly critical.

Update to Malta’s Use & Enjoyment Rules for Yacht Leasing

Malta has updated its Use & Enjoyment Rules for the leasing of pleasure yachts.

Navigating Asia’s Growing Private Credit Markets

The private credit market has recently captured the attention of the financial sector, with the number of institutions investing in private debt climbing significantly in recent years.

Private Client and High-Net-Worth Individuals’ Malta Solution

The rapidly evolving regulatory environment in the private wealth sphere has created a shift in the way that high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) manage their wealth.

An Out-of-the-Box Solution for First-Time Credit Fund Managers

The Global Financial Crisis and resulting changes in financial regulations have forced banks to curtail lending, causing private credit lending platforms to steadily gain traction. Lending to middle market companies, however, creates its own unique set of complexities for even the most seasoned asset managers.

The Pressure is On for Private Equity Execs

Greater demands for transparency are placing huge pressure on private equity executives, says Ross McCann, Head of Fund Services Ireland.

The Way to Exceed Investor Expectations

According to PDI, 98% of institutional investors in the US have conducted greater due diligence over the last three years, increasing demand on the back office. As demands increase and data accessibility becomes a trademark of investor expectations, credit fund managers face the difficult task of keeping up while simultaneously dedicating sufficient energy to their core activities.

Luxembourg’s Register of Beneficial Owners Enters into Force

On 15 January 2019, a new Luxembourgish law establishing a central Register of Beneficial Owners (Registre des bénéficiaires effectifs, or RBE) for registered entities was published in the Luxembourg Official Journal. When it enters into force on 1 March 2019, transparency requirements applicable to all corporate and legal entities established in Luxembourg will go into effect.

CFO Series: 4 Questions Every CFO Should Ask Themselves

Chief Financial Officers in private equity firms are required to be current and proactive.  Their role is continuously evolving as the business cycle of the firm progresses, the core businesses of the organization mature, and new strategies unfold. 

The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Borrower Cash Flow

Credit conditions in the US for both commercial and industrial firms have remained accommodative, with the banking community willing to extend funding to corporate borrowers. However, many years of “easy credit” have led to increasingly high debt levels for non-financial corporations.

How Might DAC6 Impact Your Operations?

The sixth and most recent amendment to the Directive on Administrative Cooperation (known as “DAC6”), intends to strengthen the exchange of information and transparency in tax matters between EU member states. To do so, it has established new requirements for those conducting business across European borders.

Diversifying the Aviation Industry

While well known for its cyclicality, the aviation industry has managed to continue its growth trajectory and is expected to continue through 2019 and beyond. 

Investor Requirement Trends for Private Real Estate Funds

With an increasing need to maintain a competitive edge, private real estate fund managers are wise to take note of the expectations placed on them by investors.

Malta’s Growing Appeal to Foreign Investors

Foreign investment in Malta is on the rise, with many foreign investors finding Malta the ideal jurisdiction for domiciling their funds. Malta appeals to those seeking the benefit of working with a flexible regulator with an English-speaking Anglo-Saxon culture.

France: A Round-Up Interview

Emmanuel Raffner, Head of Private Equity, spoke with Private Equity Wire about the strength of the French buyout space and the impact that larger LPs embarking on their own direct deals are having on contributing to a more expensive, more competitive deal landscape.

Malta: A Round-Up Interview

Chris Casapinta, Alter Domus’ Country Executive Malta, sat down with Money Magazine to discuss how Malta has evolved into a premier jurisdiction not only for funds, but for High Net Worth Individuals as well.

China: An Evolving and Maturing Fund Market

Until 2007, Renminbi-denominated funds accounted for only 12 percent of the funds in the Chinese market. USD-denominated funds were the long-standing norm when it came to fundraising. Today, the tables have turned and Renminbi (“RMB”) funds have taken the top spot, accounting for 80 percent of all funds raised in China and leaving many asking the question: Why such a dramatic shift?

Alter Domus Malta October Newsletter

The October edition of the Alter Domus Malta Newsletter is now available.

Alter Domus Sponsor - BCC Lunch with Luc Frieden

Alter Domus is pleased to sponsor this British Chamber of Commerce event with special guest speaker, Luc Frieden. 

Alter Domus Malta July Newsletter

The Alter Domus Malta July Newsletter is now available.

The Rise of European Flexible Manager-Led AIFs

To answer market requirements, Luxembourg, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Jersey, Guernsey and France have witnessed the emergence of new products.

New acts voted by Cyprus Parliament for the Modernisation of Cyprus Funds Laws

As a first step to the modernisation of the Cyprus Fund’s legislation, on 10 July 2018 the House of Representatives of Cyprus voted the highly anticipated amendments to the Alternative Investment Funds Law, including the introduction of RAIFs, enhancement of Limited Partnerships as well as Tax and other updates.

New Transfer Pricing Disclosure - Tax Returns 2017

At the start of 2017, the Luxembourg Tax Authorities (“LTA”) issued new transfer pricing rules requiring tax payers to disclose their intercompany transactions.

Mauritius Update

Following the 2018/2019 budget presentation, discover the latest reforms for the Global Business sector and the new measures to be implemented that will transform the face of the whole financial services industry.

LIMSA CRS Working Group

The Luxembourg Association of Corporate Service Providers & Alternative Funds Administrators (LIMSA) has just issued a Q&A on CRS. 

Alter Domus Malta April Newsletter

The Alter Domus Malta April Newsletter is now available. 

THE EU AIF LABELLING - A practical guide

In this latest Practical Guide, Gautier Despret, Fund Services Senior Manager examines the EU AIF Labelling and its impact on the industry.   

The Guernsey Private Investment Fund (PIF) – Proving Popular

After the launch of the PIF regime at the end of 2016 in Guernsey, Tom Amy Alter Domus Country Executive Guernsey takes a look at its success one year on.

Alter Domus expands its Transfer Pricing presence to Spain

Alter Domus Spain welcomes its first Transfer Pricing specialist to the Madrid Office.

Alter Domus Malta January Newsletter

The Alter Domus Malta January Newsletter is now available. 

Private Debt breaks fundraising record in 2017

Maximilien Dambax group Head of Private Debt looks at some of the following trends highlighted in the PDI fundraising report. A fundraising record for Private Debt in 2017, with over $180 billion collected by fund managers The emergence of larger fund vehicles evidencing private debt's growing maturity as an established asset class.  This is indicative of strong investor appetite as more institutions become active in the debt space each year.

Alter Domus Cyprus November Newsletter

The Alter Domus Cyprus November Newsletter is now available.

Corporate Services for International Clients an evolving service offering

Andrea Debattista, a Corporate Services Manager at our Malta Office, has penned an article on how Corporate Services for International Clients are Evolving, reflecting the Alter Domus service offering as a fully integrated provider of Fund and Corporate services.

Compliance: don’t be complacent

With the evolving tax rules, how has the legal landscape changed?

Alter Domus Malta October Newsletter

The Alter Domus Malta October Newsletter is now available. 

Alter Domus welcomes record number of new joiners

On 1st September 2017, Alter Domus was pleased to welcome 35 new colleagues in Luxembourg. The record number of new hires this month is a reflection of our dynamic growth. 

Alter Domus 2017 Afterwork Cycling Tuesdays Event

Alter Domus recently hosted its fourth edition of ‘Afterwork Cycling Tuesdays’ which took place in Luxembourg on 26th of June. This year’s edition exceptionally took place on a Monday due to organisational reasons and a good job too as the weather conditions were perfect. This popular Alter Domus initiative brings together clients and business partners together with enthusiastic cyclists from the firm, to enjoy an evening of cycling guided by professional cyclists through the scenic Luxembourg countryside. 

Laying down the law

Anita Lyse Head of Real Estate Alter Domus particpates in PERE European Regulation Round Table.

Alter Domus International Annual Report 2016 / 2017

We are pleased to share with you the fifth edition of our International Annual Update. 2016/2017 has been again a very active year on many fronts, especially on the regulatory and tax side.

Alter Domus acquires CARTA Fund Services in the US

Alter Domus is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement to acquire CARTA Fund Services in the US.  

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