Risk Modeler

Automated, scalable risk and performance modelling to inform better business strategy.

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The market challenge

The need for informed strategic planning in the finance sector has never been more critical. Yet risk modeling requires the navigation of highly complex data, often with outdated and inflexible technology – a process which can prove expensive, lengthy, inefficient and labour-intensive.

Alter Domus Risk Modeler

Risk Modeler transforms the speed, ease and accuracy of modeling future risk and performance, unlocking the intelligence and insight buried in complex data. Uniquely scalable and configurable, Risk Modeler’s automated end-to-end stress-testing provides transparent, timely data insights and easy-to-read visualizations to deepen your analysis, limit risk and help you make strategic decisions with confidence.

How Risk Modeler supports your business

Let Risk Modeler answer your next risk management question
Combines top-down macro-economic factors with risk performance measures and growth models to deliver a completely integrated end-to-end stress testing platform. Our single state-of-the-art platform provides governance, version tracking and auditability for all risk models to empower and enhance your model risk management capabilities and performance.

Stress-free stress testing
Our unique solution unlocks complex data to reveal potential financial exposure and performance, allowing you to limit your risk, and pursue effective data-based strategy to help your business thrive.

Streamlined for faster decision making
Real-time analytics, executive dashboards, advanced automation and machine learning result in simple, streamlined operations for rapidly accelerated decision making.

Bespoke and scalable
Our easy-to-use platform combines your own bespoke data with industry data to give smart, tailored results. Highly configurable to your company’s internal operational model, it can scale and adapt as your business changes or grows, minimizing cost and labor and giving you full autonomy.

Supports decision making across the business
The platform’s integrated model aggregation supports multiple business groups including pre-pro, vision net revenue and deposit models, and generates configurable capital reports for easy cross-business synergies.

The key features of Risk Modeler

Stand-out support for your business

A complete solution
Risk Modeler delivers easy and auditable end-to-end stress testing and regression analysis solutions for all types of risk in one single process with rapid results. Automation enables straight-through-processing for better control, while sandbox capabilities allow you to run ‘what if’ scenarios for potential risk and reverse stress testing.

Align with your business
Select from a suite of configurable risk models for all asset classes in your loan portfolio, integrate your CECL/IFRS9 credit model, and layer in loan growth and prepayment models to enrich your stress testing scenarios and analytics

Uniquely configurable platform
Upload pre-defined statistical models, configure inputs, and leverage assumption building tools to better create, track, modify, and apply model assumptions.

Deeper insight
User-defined reports and customizable dashboards help identify and monitor credit risk changes with drill-down stress test results and analysis for individual portfolios, while our decision-tree algorithms allow you to evaluate multi-risk credit classification matrices.

Time sensitive and future-ready
Real-time analysis includes multiple views, configurable chart of accounts, and flexible report views, while dedicated features and functionality help you to anticipate and meet unexpected future needs.

Enjoy full autonomy over your operational process for increased confidentiality and control, with a seamless, cloud-based infrastructure that delivers a lightweight solution.

Security first
Our secured technology framework maintains detailed tracking and activity logs supported by user-access roles and permission groups.

Stand-out support for your team

Easy visualization
Analyze output in easy-to-read formats to clearly define the portfolio and stress test model.

Executive view
A single dashboard presents scenario metrics, regulatory capital plans, capital ratios, net-risk weighted assets, cumulative expected losses, and asset group details, allowing your team to analyze portfolio strengths and weaknesses.

Comprehensive record-keeping
Provides a complete system of record for instrument levels of credit data, assumptions and stress testing output.

Keep your team in the know
Democratize your data and improve transparency by communicating to key executives, management, and regulators through our impactful reporting options.

User-centered and user-friendly
Guided workflows and an intuitive user interface help to simplify the ongoing capital planning and stress testing process. Risk Modeler is easy to access and simple to use, even by teams outside the risk management function.

The platform comes with Alter Domus’s exceptional relationship management and client support, from initial data migration to ongoing troubleshooting.

How Risk Modeler supports key roles

If you're a Chief Financial Officer:

The challenge: 

How can you understand future risks and exposures by asset class, segment, and region, while being confident of maintaining regulatory compliance for every eventuality?


The Risk Modeler solution:  

Our platform elevates the model risk management function to help you better develop, deploy, run and manage the financial risk models that support your broader financial operations.


If you're a Chief Operating Officer:

The challenge: 

How do you construct and produce scalable, flexible risk models at speed without tying up your team in expensive, outdated and labor-intensive processes?


The Risk Modeler solution:  

Our platform expands your capabilities to efficiently work with multiple data sets and models, streamlining your processes and giving your team greater confidence in the data insights and analytics shared across business.

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Risk Modeler and Alter Domus ALLL+

While our Risk Modeler solution transforms your risk and performance modeling to inform better business strategy for the future, ALLL+ helps you mitigate risk and maintain regulatory compliance today.

Used together, ALLL+ and Risk Modeler provide you with a strong, comprehensive framework for compliance and risk management for a successful, growing business.

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