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Our dedication to the alternative investment fund industry means our teams have extensive knowledge of the technical and operational factors necessary to support expectations from both general and limited partners. Our teams are focused on the administration of private equity, real estate, and debt structures.

We manage the process of getting complete structures up and running from limited partners to underlying assets, and do so across numerous jurisdictions. We are familiar with the systems, processes, rules and best practices in each jurisdiction and have access to an extensive network of service providers in each market we operate in.

Managers come to us for assistance with setting up new structures and vehicles, recommendations on service providers, identifying office spaces, establishing systems and processes, and managing the launch. Our long-standing expertise allows us to assist clients in mitigating risks that could potentially delay the launch of their structure. Through our experience, operational approach, and technology, we’re able to add real value to our clients’ back- and middle-office operations.

A client engagement team is involved in all set-up, administration and corporate secretarial requirements during the lifecycle of the structure. This experienced and dedicated team organizes all activities related to the structure’s operations and coordinates all parties in order to perfectly mirror our clients’ organizational setup.

Each new client engagement begins with the assignment of a Senior Alter Domus team member with full responsibility for the client relationship, service delivery and quality standards. They ensure an effective team is put in place to manage and administer client affairs on a day-to-day basis and serve as the client’s central point of contact for any questions or requests. This model has proven to be extremely effective for alternative asset managers where flexibility and agility are key in their relationships with service providers.

  • Coordination of advisers and service providers (lawyers, prime brokers, banks, auditors and custodians)

  • Assistance with fund launch including coordination of lawyers, banks, custodians and other service providers

  • Review of fund documentation

  • Assistance with cash and custodian account opening with major banks

  • Complete due diligence including KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) on Funds and related parties

  • Implementation of systems and processes

  • Review of fund documents such as PPM/Offering Memorandum, SLA and transaction documents with various parties

  • Portfolio and Partnership accounting

  • Production of financial statements and fund reporting

  • Preparation of NAV statements for investors

  • Maintenance of general ledger

  • Supervision of audit process

  • Full middle office services to “bridge-the-gap” between the fund and other service providers, including trade settlements, transaction reconciliations, delivery of various reports at asset managers' desktops etc.

  • Assistance with the operations of funds

  • Investigation of failed settlements and transparent reporting for managers

  • Maintenance of partnership register

  • Capital call Management, including monitoring of bank accounts

  • Coordination investment process etc.

  • Process transfer requests from partners/investors and update registers

  • Manage distributions and draw down notices

  • Coordinate cash management and treasury services

  • Comprehensive Transfer Agency and Investor Services such as identification checks (KYC) and AML

  • Maintenance of investor records and register, ensuring proper completion of subscription forms and determine eligibility

  • Management of subscriptions, including monitoring of bank account movements

  • Handle redemptions and wiring redemption proceeds

  • Perform full KYC on Investors and ongoing monitoring

  • Prepare the necessary documentation such as acknowledgement, contact note and statements

  • Assist in subscription and redemption of underlying fund for FoF, and follow up with the administrator of underlying funds for statements and corporate actions

  • NAV will be calculated as mandated by the offering document, SLA on each valuation point

  • NAV will be provided to GP within the agreed timeline

  • Distribution of NAV statements/reports to the investors and any other stakeholders

Generation of valuation reports for fund managers, including, but not limited to:

  • Net Asset Value Statement
  • Fund Operation Statement
  • Portfolio Holding Statement
  • Statement of Change of Partnership Interest
  • Cash Statement
  • Carried Interest Statement
  • Other reports per agreed valuation package
  • Reports can be customised per client’s preference
  • Setting up entities in multiple jurisdictions

  • Handling of all statutory filings

  • Assistance with board meetings

  • Assistance with structuring of entities across various jurisdictions

  • Provision of registered office space and assistance in setting up physical infrastructure, such as in phone lines, network connections and disaster recovery plans

  • Statutory filings as mandated by relevant regulations

  • Calculation of carried interest using complex waterfall logic

  • Administration of carried interest structures

  • Responding to investor queries in multiple languages

  • Customised investor reporting and mailings

  • Maintaining investor contact information

  • Comprehensive investor communication in local languages

Institutional investors, notably Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds, are increasingly seeking direct and/or co-investment opportunities alongside their alternative asset managers in the private equity and infrastructure, real estate and debt markets.

We already serve some of the world’s leading LPs, either directly or indirectly, notably through our extensive fund and corporate administration services. We have extensive experience in providing dedicated LP support services for their co-investments and direct investments including:

  • Assisting in the implementation and administration of LP’s own investment vehicles in coordination with advisors (tax and regulatory matters)
  • Monitoring of cash transactions (investments, distributions, invoices, etc.) through Alter Domus Connect secure payment platform
  • Smooth and secure corporate document management through Alter Domus Connect
  • Consolidation of co-investments/direct investments into other activities

Download our factsheet to find out more about our LP’s Direct and Co-Investment Administration.

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