KYC Services

Alter Domus has been successfully carrying out KYC due diligence for our clients for over 14 years. With more than 25 FTE involved in this process and also being regulated in 11 countries, Alter Domus is able to provide to Fund Managers KYC collection and ongoing monitoring as well as the experience gained from our proven track record across an international footprint which allows them to concentrate on their core business.

Our process

Alter Domus has developed robust and systematic policies and processes for all activities, in order to ensure operational excellence and efficiency. From the Client Acceptance Committee and through the scope of each engagement, we ensure delivery of the highest quality work through systematic controls and reviews, and respect of the timetable agreed up-front with our clients. Our process is ISAE3402 certified.

We have developed a global process taking into account local regulatory requirements of local regulators and including a global database of our investors in order to avoid overlap in KYC documents requests. This means that once an investor has been on boarded in any of our Alter Domus locations, they will only be subject to minor local KYC adjustments if they need to be on boarded in another Alter Domus location.

All Alter Domus investors are screened on a daily basis through World Check, with Pythagoras providing a “white label” facility to eliminate false positives. Daily screening enables Alter Domus to manage any “hits” as they come up and therefore reduce the risk of delaying transactions.

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