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In a financial market where ‘risks’ and ‘costs’ have become the most redundant words, the need for security and efficiency has never been a higher or more sensitive matter. Alter Domus has indeed always taken a pragmatic approach in responding to our clients’ constantly evolving needs, providing them with cutting-edge technological solutions, such as Alter Domus Connect.

Alter Domus developed the client portal (Alter Domus Connect) to respond to our clients’ desire for transparency and operational simplification. Alter Domus Connect enables clients to easily control all of their activities. All corporate records (data & documents) and also added value compliance dashboards are accessible worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a standard internet connection via a completely secure website. In addition, access can be granted permanently or temporarily to third parties, allowing real-time follow-up activity for all stakeholders and facilitating global coordination.

Alter Domus is dedicated to being a technological leader in our field. We continuously explore new ways to improve modes of communication with our clients. Using technology, we are able to streamline the exchange of information, thereby increasing efficiency and ease of use.

How Alter Domus Connect supports vertical integRation

Our tool supports Alter Domus’ vertically integrated approach and offers solutions across the entire value chain of investment structures, from fund level down to local Special Purpose Vehicles. Futhermore Alter Domus Connect is seamlessly linked to our fund management platform, providing investors and fund managers access to their fund notices, reports and other general communications.

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Save substantial time, Improve efficiency
Remain in control of all your corporate activities

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