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World class, market leading IT is integral to Alter Domus' client offering. As a completely independent firm we determine our IT strategy based on our clients' needs, and our dedicated team of over 35 IT professionals provides an integrated IT platform across Alter Domus' global network of offices.

Alter Domus Systems include:

For more information on our BCP / DR process or our ISAE 3402 systems certification please click here.

eFront offers the industry’s most mature, functionally rich, technically advanced, and integrated alternative investment software solutions. FrontInvest is a dedicated solution for fund administration activities. It covers TA and FA and also has a more specific feature for alternative asset fund administration. It has extensive reporting capabilities for the fund administration team to analyse data and produce reports or analytics and also for the recurring report production for the investors and fund managers.

The application is based on Microsoft technologies and is hosted at Alter Domus in a virtual machine (VMWARE) on a windows server 2008 R2. Data is stored in an MS SQL database enterprise version in cluster to guarantee high availability.

We have been using FrontInvest since the start of our fund administration activities in 2008.
All investor specific data is recorded securely in this system, with access restrictions and change reports used to ensure the accuracy of the data.

eFront has considerable capability and flexibility when it comes to producing bespoke reports.

Alter Domus uses eFront/FrontInvest for both Fund Accounting/Management and Loan administration. Loan management is carried out via the FrontLoan module that is fully integrated to the fund accounting/management platform. As a result, Alter Domus can manage and administer loans, mezzanine/senior debt, bonds, complex interest schedules, accruals and capitalisation schedules within the platform.
The processing and bookkeeping of a variety of recurring transactions are fully automated including:
- Loans & mortgages of various types including financing, development, bridge and revolving loans
- Bonds such as fixed rate, floating rate, zero coupon, convertible and others
Various loan scenarios can be managed with complex schedules with varied time segments, rates and conditions using custom or pre-set amortization profiles. Payment history can be tracked to calculate late payment interest and manage accruals.

Mail Master is a tailored made application based on Lotus notes email technology. The aim of the application is to manage the incoming and outgoing email correspondence from and to our clients. It also integrates workflow to control and guarantee good governance in the email management process.
The application is also used for reports mass mailing to the investors. The process is fully automated with direct interfaces to the eFront Fund admin system. This integration is critical to avoid mismatch in the investor contact details and email addresses during report expedition.

Pythagoras is a vendor product for managing compliance tasks in the KYC process and investors’ identification. It is a gateway to the global World-Check database which includes information on companies and individuals.
Pythagoras is a windows based application with its own database.

Local Accounting is prepared using BOB 50, which is an accounting software developed by Sage, the World’s leader for Small and Medium sized companies accounting.
BOB50 (and its previous releases) has been used by Alter Domus for almost ten years, our staff has significant relevant expertise in using it. The major evolutions of this software concern enhanced IT capabilities and integration, and local GAAP compliance: Standard Chart of Accounts migration, VAT management, electronic filing (eCDF in Luxembourg). Further developments are expected this year in relation with upcoming mandatory reporting in Luxembourg regarding VAT (FAIA).

The e-Filing tool aims at developing a single process relating to the regulatory filing of electronic documents throughout recently released e-platforms in Luxembourg (BCL, eCDF and eRCS).Such tool ensures adequate performance company-wide, as well as an enhanced risk control through the guarantee of having an overview over ongoing process steps and process completeness via tasks controlled workflow.

MONA is a bespoke consolidation system fully adaptable to clients’ needs, providing an extensive range of standard and customisable reports.

An industry leading technology platform developed by eFront that is fully customisable and offers pre-set configurations for private equity, real estate, mezzanine/debt, fund of funds, and other alternative assets classes.

Experience in working on property and asset management software solutions dedicated to the global property management industry, as well as to corporate real estate managers.

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