IT Security

Business Continuity Plan

Alter Domus’ Business Continuity Plan ("BCP") was developed and is maintained by, a dedicated BCP team in its Luxembourg Headquarters. It includes the steps needed to ensure a successful move in the event of a disaster. The BCP team regularly monitors the number of workstations needed to ensure that the plan satisfies current business needs. Tests of the BCP are performed every year at the group level, and procedures are reviewed according to the tests results.

The BCP is fully documented in the group’s Business Continuity Manual.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Alter Domus’ Disaster Recovery Plan’s ("DRP’s") facilities and services are provided by an external vendor, eBRC. They are subject to a detailed service level agreement with the vendor at group level.

Business critical data and applications are mirrored via leased lines to a remote data recovery centre. In the event of a disaster, Alter Domus’ staff will move to the BCP site and continue to work from there. eBRC is contracted to provide Alter Domus with off-site desks, telephones, and PCs. Alter Domus’ IT department tests these facilities twice a year.

Due to compliance and security restrictions, the information systems, applications, and data stored for each group entity within Alter Domus are totally isolated. This segregation of data and applications between companies is replicated at the DRP centre so that we keep the same level of compliance and security at the DRP site.

Each Alter Domus group entity’s BCP and DRP broadly follows that of the central Alter Domus Luxembourg HQ IT office, tailored to local office requirements.

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