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Why Ireland?

Ireland continues to be a favoured location—not only for global firms looking to use the country as their European headquarters—but for alternative investment funds and aviation lessors as well. In fact, 50% of all aircrafts leased globally are done so through Ireland. Much of this jurisdictional attraction comes from the clear and efficient regimes for investment and financing in the country. But the benefits extend beyond the country’s borders; many funds and corporations in Ireland consider the nation an ideal gateway the much-desired European market.

As managers look for ways to Brexit-proof their assets, Ireland provides them with an ideal solution. Ireland is the only English-speaking member of the Eurozone, has a common law basis closely aligned with the US and UK, and stable legal and regulatory regimes. In 2013, the country was even declared “the best country for business” by Forbes. Thus, it’s easy to understand why Ireland has continuously grown in appeal.


Alter Domus Ireland

When we opened our Dublin office in 2011, we understood that Ireland had become both an appealing destination for multinational corporations, as well as an ideal location for the global aircraft leasing industry. We’ve increasingly seen our clients, particularly in the US, focusing on Ireland as a potential domicile for their European funds, considering Ireland’s already dominant position in the UCITS and hedge fund market. We knew we could serve our clients in Ireland by providing them with local solutions to their needs, especially when it came to regulatory and compliance matters.

In 2016, we expanded our local offering to include Fund Services, making us the first independent Real Estate, Private Equity and Debt specialist provider authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide fund administrative services in Ireland.

A year later, in an effort to continuously deliver even greater value to our clients, we opened our second Irish office in Cork. We attribute our rapid growth and expansion our client focus and uniquely integrated services. Alter Domus’ global network of professionals is far more than a group of people working under the same banner; we are fully involved teammates and our clients attest to that. This allows us to offer comprehensive proposals to clients across jurisdictions by leveraging the capabilities of experts in our various locations. This level of integration, collaboration, and communication across offices and business lines is one of the things clients enjoy most when working with us.

At Alter Domus Ireland, we’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come. We strive to continue serving our clients in pragmatic and forward-thinking ways. By providing them with fully dedicated client teams, we work to build long-lasting partnerships. And our teams are exceptional; they are each specialised and have expertise in the various asset classes, meaning they and our clients are able to speak the same language. By having a partner who understands the ins and outs of your specific industry, you can rest assured that you will be in excellent hands.


Alter Domus (Ireland) Limited
1st Floor • 118 Lower Baggot Street
Dublin 2 • Ireland
T +353 1 4866600
F +353 1 4866601

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Alter Domus Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
4600 Airport Road
Cork Airport Business Park
Cork, Ireland
T12 WK83
T +353 21 240 7109
F +353 21 484 7099

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