Depositary Services

Alter Domus offers depositary services in Luxembourg, UK and Malta and has over 113 bn USD assets under depositary.

Depositary services flow logically from other services proposed by Alter Domus. Our vertically integrated approach allows us to provide a complete package of Corporate and Fund services in all the jurisdictions in which we are present: from outsourced fund administration to the management of local holding companies and now also depositary services.

The Depositary will have to interact closely with all the actors of a structure, in order to carry out its functions. Through a comprehensive range of services, we are able to provide the most efficient answer to the challenges set by the AIFM Directive: Central Administration, Investor Services, Corporate Services and Depositary Services. By having them all performed by the same provider, we make the process easier, faster and more efficient.

Alter Domus has a long history of working with private equity and real estate structures. Over the last ten years, we have worked with many of the foremost private equity houses and real estate firms in the world. Whether it be a smaller stand alone fund with a limited number of investments or a large multi-billion dollar buyout fund with a complex stream of investments in multiple jurisdictions, we are here to assist as a trusted partner, enabling our clients to focus on managing their investments.


  • Record keeping
  • Ownership verification
  • Due diligence and monitoring of all delegates
  • Timely settlement of transactions
  • Income distribution
  • Subscriptions and redemptions
  • Valuation of share/units
  • Investments compliance
  • Overview of all movements of the alternative investment fund (AIF)
  • Identify immediately significant cash flows
  • Monitoring of discrepancies and monitoring of corrective measures taken

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