Luxembourg Office


Why Luxembourg?

Commonly referred to as the gateway to Europe, Luxembourg is a prime location for investors, fund managers, multinational corporations and private individuals alike. Its political, economic and social stability have solidified Luxembourg’s reputation as the Eurozone's leading financial center.

As the largest investment fund jurisdiction in Europe, Luxembourg has more than EUR 4,000bn in assets under management and a strong alternative investment fund industry expertise to match. As such, fund managers around the globe see the potential that Luxembourg brings to the table. It’s no surprise then that Luxembourg has become the world's largest recipient of foreign direct investment.

Its government policies were carefully crafted with business in mind. This has enabled Luxembourg’s economy to experience tremendous growth across sectors—growth that is consistently above EU averages. Its AAA credit rating serves as a testament the global financial community's continued confidence in the country.

Luxembourg also allows for easy promotion of funds across borders thanks to its advantageous geographic and regulatory climate. Its double tax treaties with over 60 countries and beneficial tax regime are factors that simply cannot be overlooked.


Alter Domus Luxembourg

Luxembourg is where Alter Domus got its start more than 15 years ago. Today, we’re proud to be one of the top fund administrators in the country with well over 800 professional employees serving our diverse range of clients from our headquarters.

We work diligently to make sure our clients can benefit from the immense opportunities available in Luxembourg. Whether they be funds, corporates or private clients, there are a vast array of possibilities that we’re able to help them take advantage of.

At Alter Domus Luxembourg, we’re committed to providing clients with a comprehensive, flexible and truly vertically integrated service. The addition of our management company service in 2017 further expands our capabilities to service asset managers seeking a “one stop shop” AIFMD solution across the European alternative funds market.

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