The Single Point of Access to Corporate Credit Data

* Alter Domus Credit Portfolio Monitoring Platform

Alter Domus

Introducing Credit-Vision

Credit-Vision streamlines and modernises portfolio management by automating data extraction from issuers’ financial reports and channels financial data from a plethora of data rooms, folders and files into a single access point.

Our Value Proposition

  • A centralised data platform that automates data extraction, aggregates and contextualises data
  • Credit-Vision helps portfolio managers monitor and analyse their portfolio, assess credit risk early and capture new investment opportunities
  • It empowers key decision makers with greater control and traceability over their critical investment data
  • It offers an unified view of credit quality that brings unprecedented degree of insights to portfolio analysis

What can Credit-Vision do?


Automate manual tasks to save time and money, achieve workflow efficiencies and eliminate suspect data that lead to errors in judgment.


Aggregate and organize all available information and data from internal and external sources in a structured data set.


Leverage robust, high-performance data and computing technology to find insights in data that would not otherwise have been detected.


Magnify the value of credit management infrastructures and augment the contribution of in-house experts.


Adopt Credit-Vision and achieve informed asset allocation, security analysis, and risk management.

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The Single Point of Access to Corporate Credit Data

  • Credit-Vision supplants decentralized data processing and logging
  • It unlocks the tremendous value of a centralized data platform and establishes a single point of truth for all investment data throughout the organisation
  • It automates and enforces reporting, compliance and workflow management policies and procedures around critical investment data

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