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Getting Started

How do I get started with Credit-Vision?

Contact us for a free demo today.

How’s your Client Support structured?

We have a Client Support Team dedicated to answering all your questions. Simply call 0203 948 6019, our team is reachable and happy to help during UK business hours. Alternatively email us at and someone will get back to your within 24 hours.

Can I use the Platform on every browser? Or are there restrictions?

The platform can be accessed using most commonly used browsers.


Who is Credit-Vision?

Credit-Vision is a financial technology start-up that has developed an innovative data platform for private corporate credit portfolio managers.

The company is led by a world-class team of financial services and technology experts and is backed by a strong syndicate of investors with a strong and proven track record, including the CEOs of portfolio management software BlackMountain Systems, the founder of Covenant Review, the founder of LCD, and others.

Credit-Vision is headquartered in London and is part of the largest European financial technology incubator Level 39, and is also backed by the UK Government's Department for Technology Innovation.

Who are Credit-Vision’s clients?

Credit-Vision serves investors with exposure to the corporate credit asset class. These include:

- CLO Managers / investors
- Direct lenders
- HY and leveraged loan fund managers
- Banks
- Limited Partners

Who are the users of Credit-Vision in client institutions?

Credit-Vision caters to several roles within a client institution. These include:

- Credit Analysts have more time for value-added tasks: sourcing deals, building relationships with borrowers and make complex investment decisions
- Portfolio Managers get an accurate and comprehensive overview of their portfolio

With Credit-Vision, investment professionals can leverage their credit competences throughout the institution.

Which problem do you solve?

Private company data is very hard to locate, process and analyse. Today’s manual, decentralised collection and processing of private financial data is slow and antiquated. It results in valuable data being ignored, which puts investors at risk of missing critical information.

Credit-Vision streamlines and modernises portfolio analysis and through technology it allows clients to make the most of one of the most critical assets they have: their data.

Why have you created Credit-Vision?

Credit Vision brings a new and improved approach to portfolio monitoring. Undetected and mispriced credit risk is still a worry for managers, particularly at the current point in the credit cycle. Thanks to Credit Vision early interventions is possible and allows to minimise portfolio credit issues. Our platform provides CLO and Private Debt Managers with the toolkit they need to accurately assess credit risk and capture market opportunities.

Credit-Vision offers superior engagement through a powerful, user friendly platform that delivers near real-time insights. Analytics dashboards help empower more effective decision-making, minimising risk and ultimately creating value to investors.

Okay, but give me a real life example of your value proposition

“Following a difficult restructuring of a French borrower a few years ago, a Senior Portfolio Manager confessed to me in Paris " I hate surprises, especially in my portfolio. I want to keep disappointments from becoming disasters such as this one, even more so given where we are in the credit cycle.” Another lender added “The signs were there, I wish I saw this coming.” Portfolio Managers require technology to efficiently and accurately assess credit-risk. That is why we created Credit-Vision. Credit-Vision helps Portfolio Managers steer away from reefs and hazards, it is a tool to promote confident investment decisions.

Benefits of Credit-Vision

Credit-Vision is a front office platform that promotes confident investment decisions and streamlines portfolio management:

  • Allowing accurate and timely credit risk detection
  • Freeing investment teams’ time, letting them focus on generating and executing new investments
  • Offering greater data control and traceability, which generates constructive and collegial conversations
  • Reporting granular data down to KPI level, delivering an unprecedented degree of insight and driving superior risk adjusted returns
  • Integrating with existing systems to offer a unified view of credit quality across the institution
  • Sending actionable alerts
  • Digitising processes and bringing superior credit analysis to your portfolio

How can you help me?

Credit-Vision helps you keep your finger on the pulse of your portfolio:

  • Grasp credit trends at both portfolio and single name levels
  • Analyse borrowers’ financials in great depth and granularity
  • Single-click to Management Accounts
  • Correlate positions to gain insights on risk exposure on a relative value basis
  • Receive actionable alerts they can react to
  • Synchronise Credit-Vision with their own House model

Credit-Vision helps asset managers deliver on what their LPs care about the most: capturing attractive investment opportunities and managing their portfolio effectively.

What’s your technology?

The technology of Credit-Vision relies on two core engines:

  • Automated data extraction
  • Proprietary data mapping technology

On these, many functions have been developed such as update notifications, editing, tagging of Management Accounts and management commentaries for example. Nevertheless, you can still download Excel files on the platform and work as you are used to.

Scalable solution continues to add value to client over time via releases of features that are part of Credit-Vision development roadmap.

How long does it take for Credit Vision to process financials?

We fully understand the need for speed, particularly with respect to credits actively traded in the secondary market or in competitive auction contests such as BWICs.

To offer a highly efficient data turnaround we tier data processing in two parts:
Level 1 data : We publish a “Snapshot” i.e. a digital tear sheet with headline information that includes company’s high-level earnings. This is published in a matter of hours after earnings release, sometimes even during the earnings call. Snapshot provides investors with accurate and timely information they can immediately react upon, particularly as this data is likely to have an impact on secondary market prices. In fact, we see our Snapshot as the financial data equivalent of an LCD or Debtwire news article

Level 2 data: The full model is subsequently uploaded to the platform.


I do not like the add-ons made by the borrower regarding LTM EBITDA computation, can I show my own computations on the platform?

Yes. Credit analysts can edit the numbers published by issuers and synchronise the changes with their own house model. Managers can control the changes made by analysts and revert to the original data if required, giving them full control on their data.

What are the features your users found most valuable?

We have a range of features tailored to both CLO manager and direct lenders. We believe it is fundamental not to just make data available but also help users navigate borrowers’ financials in an intuitive, intelligent way.

  • PDF tagging :Users can click through to management accounts issued by borrowers
  • Editing : We give users the ability to run their own adjustments and scenarios on Management Accounts’ data. Having data in a digitalised format allows for greater ability to edit data. For example, users can download the underlying excel model and add their own calculations; e.g. have their own EBITDA adjustment, and then sync back that change to the platform. Data is not siloed into files and documents but it is instead very easy to query and edit.
  • Notifications: Credit Vision can notify users based on their preferences to alert them of key events such as a company missing a reporting deadline, covenants being breached (or about to be breached) or other relevant events.

Do you also digitise compliance certificates?

Yes we do.

Can a user add his/her own forecasts into your system for the quarter as well as year ahead?

Yes. Users can embed their own forecasts into their platform environment.

Does Credit Vision produce a printable one pager users can distribute to their teams before meetings?

Yes, the platform can generate a printable output with both content and format according to each client’s house template.

Can we add an analyst commentary box with recommendations suchn as BUY, HOLD or SELL?

Yes, if the user wants to have an analyst commentary box, we can customise the platform to show the user's recommendations. 

Can you break down KPIs by sector, product or geography?

Yes. As reflected in the management accounts.

When a borrower gives the budget for the year ahead, is Credit Vision able to scrap the data and put it into a financial model?

Yes. Credit Vision has the ability to incorporate budgeted operations provided by the borrower to the user. 

Can I see loan prices on the Credit Vision platform?

We are currently considering ways to integrate loan prices to the platform.

Does the Credit Vision platform show ratings or credit-scoring?

Yes. Credit Vision has built an internal credit-scoring system adapted to the leveraged loan market.


Do you present the three parts of financial statements only?

We extract the information from management accounts and financial statements. This includes but is not limited to Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. We also extract management commentary, KPIs used by the company, transaction background and all the relevant information that impacts Portfolio Management.

Can I create a watchlist of credits to be fast tracked?

Yes. Users can flag a watchlist of credits they are interested in fast tracking and these are prioritised for publication. Usually this can be a requirement on certain key dates, e.g: portfolio review or credit committees.

If the reporting format changes, will that create issues with data mapping?

Thanks to its technology, Credit Vision is able to easily standardise every reporting formats change.

Can I see information like margin ratchet and ratings?

Yes you can. Credit-Vision offers a comprehensive data set that includes margin ratchets and ratings.

For loans, can call structures be added?


What do you consider the original loan amount?

We extract the information from management accounts and financial statements. This includes but is not limited to Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows. We also extract management commentary, KPIs used by the company, transaction background and all the relevant information that impacts Portfolio Management.

Data Accuracy

How accurate is the data?

Data accuracy is a key pillar of Credit-Vision’s value proposition. We have elaborated a thorough quality management process to ensure quality data.
- Automatic checks by algorithms
- Human validation by a team of leveraged finance analysts
- Audit trail

Direct lenders often get scanned PDFs that are hard to read. What solution does Credit Vision have for that?

Credit Vision technology can scrap data in any format. We work with direct lenders on a daily basis. 

Do you have an administrator who decides what is the final data point?

Yes. We have an administrator dashboard. Credit Vision gives access to users to their own admin dashboard so they can edit data directly if they so wish. Alternatively, Credit Vision can do that for them.

Data Security

How do I reset my password?

In order to reset your password you need to contact our technical team.
Phone: 02039486019

Is my information safe?

All information users share with us, including management accounts, are safely stored in a dedicated space on Microsoft Azure.

How do you deal with confidentiality?

At the start of any client engagement, we enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is based on the LMA standard documentation and allows Credit-Vision to act as data processor on behalf of a client.
Each client environment is segregated to enforce a complete separation of client data and once active.

Can I access private information if I have not access to the borrower’s accounts?

No. we do not entitle access to private accounts. You would need to demonstrate that you have access to the borrower’s management accounts in order to be able to visualise them on the platform.

Can I offer restricted access to the platform to my investors?

Yes. Credit-Vision platform can be used as a way to communicate with investors, streamlining and modernising IR – LPs interactions.

If you sell out of a borrower’s company what happens to data?

The data will be available until agent switches off his subscription.