Depositary Services

Alter Domus looks after more than 450 alternative investment funds and offers depositary services in Luxembourg, Ireland, the UK, and Malta with more than $120 billion in assets under depositary.

Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) falling under the scope of the AIFMD are required to appoint a depositary. Through a vertically integrated approach, Alter Domus offers a full-service AIFM solution from outsourced fund administration— including depositary— to the management of local companies. Our team will learn your processes and agree on adequate procedures to ensure we provide a smooth and non-intrusive service. Our work is done on an ex-post basis, allowing you to continue your business operations with minimal disruption.

Our tailored services provide comfort to investors that the operations of the fund are being monitored through our oversight duties, in line with the AIFMD. Services include:

Oversight Duties

  • Review process of valuations of assets and limited partnership interests
  • Timely settlement of transactions including income distribution
  • Monitor subscriptions and redemptions
  • Periodic due diligence and review of key operational processes


Cash Monitoring

  • Monitor cashflows at the fund level
  • Identify and review significant cash flow



  • Verify existence and the ownership of assets
  • Hold records of the investments
  • Perform periodic asset reconciliation