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Why Australia?

Australia’s economic and political stability coupled with geographic access to a fast-developing Asia, are critical elements to its ongoing success. The resilience of Australia’s economy can be illustrated by the fact that it is one of the only national economies not to enter into a recession during the global financial downturn. In fact, Australia is currently in its 27th year of consecutive growth (2018). This, combined with a transparent regulatory system, make Australia a safe and secure locale for business.

Australia is a highly desirable jurisdiction for foreign business, boasting the third most extensive investment fund industry in the world. The sophisticated financial market is also host to the world’s sixth largest pool of managed fund assets. Australia’s robust regulatory system is noted for their institutional frameworks, as well as their finance and banking regulations. The combination of the country's stable political system and lack of corruption help protect the investors' best interests.

Beyond Australia’s prosperous borders lies more opportune territory within the Asia Pacific region, where Australia is considered an ideal trade and investment base for doing business with Asia. Asia Pacific is expected to account for 45% of Global GDP by 2022, making Australia well placed geographically and politically to take advantage of this growth. With over 40 double tax treaties and one of the largest recipients of foreign direct investment globally, Australia offers investors and managers opportunities both domestically and around the world.


Alter Domus Australia

We opened our Sydney office in 2015 to ensure that we are following the needs of our clients. With Australia’s impressive track record and robust legal and regulatory frameworks, we knew this opportunity could not be overlooked.

We have since grown into one of the select few global administrators providing onshore outsourcing in Australia. Our dedicated alternative asset administrators perform work onshore for local managers, meaning all parts of the business can remain close to home. We understand the complexities of our clients' organizations and are pleased to enable them to stay focused on their core business.


Alter Domus Australia Pty Ltd

Level 9, 61 York St
Sydney, NSW, 2000
+61 2 8330 6850


Level 31, 120 Collins St
Melbourne Victoria, 3000
+61 3 9225 5221



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