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Our team in the United Kingdom plays an active role in assisting local clients in achieving success.

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United Kingdom

Alter Domus United Kingdom

We opened our London office in 2011 and have since grown to more than 130 employees dedicated solely to our UK clients. We pride ourselves on our talent pools, which include leaders across asset classes. They not only understand the complexities of their sectors of expertise but are able to leverage this knowledge to provide increasingly valuable services to our clients.

In addition to our team of experts, we work closely with our extensive network of lawyers, bankers, accountants and tax advisors local to London to go beyond the basic level of serving clients. We take a proactive approach to solving their problems and play an active role in assisting them in achieving success. We serve as a facilitator with deep levels of involvement with our clients, making Alter Domus UK more of partner than a service provider.

Rather than sticking to what we’ve done in the past, we continuously expand our capabilities to meet our clients’ needs. We even work closely with industry bodies to help influence and shape the way work is conducted moving forward. We strive to predict the impact of changes rather than waiting for them to happen, which is a testament to our pragmatic and forward-thinking approach to client engagement.

Office Address

Alter Domus UK Limited
30 St Mary Axe, 
London, EC3A 8BF, United Kingdom
T +44 207 645 4800 | F +44 207 645 4899

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