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Why Malta?

Well-known for its idyllic Mediterranean landscape, it’s Malta’s financial landscape that attracts businesses and investors from around the world. The Maltese government has continuously invested in expanding technology, pharmaceutical, engineering, financial, aviation and maritime industries. In doing so, they’ve created one of the most favorable tax systems in the European Union that benefits both foreign companies and private individuals. As such, businesses have begun setting up their bases here as a means to Brexit-proof their investments during this period of uncertainty.

Investors can leverage the country’s strategic location and robust regulatory framework by passporting their services across the EU and EEA member states. They also benefit from the established double tax treaties with both important trading partners and emerging countries. To date, Malta shares double tax treaties with some 70 countries and jurisdictions, making the country a strategic gateway not only to Europe, but to emerging North African and Middle Eastern markets, particularly those in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Libya.

Malta’s appeal is largely attributed to its flexible regulatory and stable financial environments. Since joining the EU in 2004, Malta’s GDP has more than doubled, its credit rating has been upgraded, and as of 2017, its unemployment rate was as low as 3.5%- one of the lowest rates in the entire European Union. The Maltese government has gone a step further to attract international investors by offering relocation incentives such as the Citizenship by Investment Program. The combination makes Malta an unmatched location for business potential.


Alter Domus Malta

When we opened our office in 2010, we understood that Malta’s appeal amongst private individuals and corporations was steadily growing. As the Maltese government continuously enacted business-friendly legislation, we knew the country had the potential to become even more appealing. So, we went exactly where they needed us to be. We are now proud to serve some of the largest clients across alternative asset classes in Malta.

We are also proud to provide our clients with co-sourcing and depositary services. Following the implementation of the AIFM Directive in July 2013, Alter Domus was one of the first professional services providers to uniquely position itself as an AIFMD compliant depositary. Naturally, these initiatives were made possible through continuous collaboration with clients, discussions about their needs, and ultimately having the talent in place to deliver value.

As the economic landscape changes, we will continue adapting to ensure our clients are provided with the services they require. Our adaptability and proactivity combine to allow you to keep focused on your business in Malta and beyond.

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