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Alter Domus has its origins in a Big Four accountancy practice and has traditionally had strong accounting, financial reporting and audit liaison skills. The scope of our fully-integrated Corporate Services includes: company formation and liquidation, corporate secretarial services, daily administration and management, accounting and tax compliance. We also provide independent directors for the companies we administer. Key factors to our success include a single client relationship management structure across jurisdictions, experienced local operational teams and a globally integrated IT system.

The main strength of our service model is that the client engagement team is involved in all tax, accounting and legal aspects of the company it manages and administers. These dedicated teams coordinate the resources that are part of their assignment so that our clients always have a central point of contact for any request. In the case of specific requests, such as consolidation under IFRS or US or UK GAAP, the client teams ensure seamless coordination with our internal experts. With every new engagement an Alter Domus Director is assigned to take overall responsibility for the client relationship, service delivery and quality standards. The Alter Domus Director ensures that an appropriate team is put in place to manage and administer client affairs on a day-to-day basis. An Alter Domus Manager is assigned to be the client’s direct contact for any queries concerning accounting, tax and corporate legal matters.

At Alter Domus our clients can rest assured that the latest technology solutions are employed to ensure efficient operations and safe and streamlined availability of corporate information:

All documents for the companies we administer are scanned, indexed and stored on our proprietary document management system. In day-to-day operations we have increased efficiency and accuracy by only working with digital copies and leaving the original documents safely archived. All of our clients’ company documents on our document management system are accessible by our clients through secure web access, allowing relevant information to be accessed by our client’s internal finance or operation teams and be easily shared among approved parties, including auditors and legal advisors.

  • Set up legal entities
  • Implement cross border corporate structures
  • Coordinate ongoing relations with local tax and legal professional services firms
  • Coordinate ongoing relations with local banks and other financial professionals
  • Provide legal entities with a registered office
  • Provide independent directors, managers and legal signatories
  • Organise board meetings and shareholder meetings
  • Maintain shareholders' register
  • Follow up on any legal formalities
  • Prepare corporate tax returns and tax balances
  • Maintain relevant contacts with local tax authorities
  • Prepare VAT returns and maintain VAT records
  • Coordinate with external tax advisors, as needed

Prepare group consolidated financial statements in accordance with local GAAP, US GAAP or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Carry out audit by statutory auditors in order to verify that annual accounts are in accordance with the accounting standards, the accounting records and supporting documentation for companies which are not already subject to legal audit by an independent auditor

  • Act as liquidator or provide assistance to liquidator
  • Provide variety of customised services related to the liquidation of Luxembourg companies
  • Maintain company accounts, periodical reports and liquidation accounts
  • Handle day-to-day company operations and monitor third-party relationships
  • Provide secretarial services linked to company liquidation: organise shareholders’ meetings, maintenance of shareholders’ register, handling of legal formalities
  • Coordinate liquidation: liaise with independent legal and tax specialists and notary
  • Handle day-to-day corporate operations and follow-up with third-parties
  • Keep company books and prepare periodical reports
  • Prepare statutory and consolidated financial statements

Institutional investors, notably Pension Funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds, are increasingly seeking for direct and/or co-investment opportunities alongside their alternative asset managers in the Private Equity & Infrastructure, Real Estate and Debt markets.

We already serve some of the world’s leading LPs, either directly or indirectly, notably through our extensive Fund and Corporate Administration Services.

We have extensive experience in providing dedicated LP support services for their Co-Investments and Direct Investments including:

  • Assisting in the implementation and administration of LP’s own investment vehicles in coordination with advisors (tax and regulatory matters)
  • Monitoring of cash transactions (investments, distributions, invoices...) through Alter Domus Connect secure payment platform
  • Smooth and secure corporate documents management through Alter Domus Connect, our dedicated client portal
  • Consolidation (of Co-Investments/Direct Investments into other activities)

Please download our factsheet to find out more about our LP’s Direct and Co-Investment Administration

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